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Sleep away your days.

live for the night.

20 December
I love fanfiction, photography, and loathing other's beatuy. I also enjoy taking that photographed beauty and making it spectacular in photoshop. I am a grammar nazi who will most likey hesitate to tell you when you write "your doing a great job!" when it really should say "you're doing a great job!". Though, I am your worst nightmare as a beta reader. German bands, German boys, and German are lovely; I 'fangirl' obsessively over them. So far I haven't had the pleasure of visiting Germany, but I plan to summer of 2010 and winter of 2012. No one ever guesses my age correctly, it's a mystery. I plan to keep it that way, unless I know you personally. I don't rant about anything, but I will talk about what I love; Tokio Hotel, Cinema Bizarre, True Blood, and Killerpilze. Thanks, Becki.